Monday, January 15, 2007

You can help, too

About 5 years ago a woman and her daughter (about 12) came to our Quaker worship group. They obviously shared our values and met regularly with us for a couple of years. Then they found it necessary to work on Sunday, after which we have seen them rarely.

Meanwhile the girl, Megan, became a young women, went to the local Community College, graduated, and is on the point of going on to a four years school.
When George Bush started beating the war drums, a Peace group was formed, with the help of the Quaker group. They became an organization, calling themselves Marion For Peace (Marion is the country where we live). For the past four years they have remained active and conduct a vigil every Saturday on the main street, incurring some encouragement and some abuse from passers by.

This morning the local paper had a story about Marion for Peace--- and about Megan. They reported that Megan had gotten permission to start a web site: Marionsforpeace.

That's grassroots power, friends. Prophetically inclined people could see that coming with the first computer, and then in spades with the internet. If you value anything, you can help to make it happen.

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Jon said...

Thanks for that reminder about our personal and collective power.