Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Short Gem

Life is full of gems if the eyes of your heart are open. Sunday we heard this from Grace, an old Quaker lady (older than me). Grace (years ago) was teaching a class of very young children in a local Sunday School:

They wanted to know how they could hear Jesus. She told them you don't hear Jesus with your ears, but with your heart. After a while they drew pictures of Jesus, and then went out to play.

A little girl came back, complaining that Doug had scribbled on her picture. Doug followed her in and said "it wasn't me; it was another little boy that looked like me.)

Grace put her arm around the boy with her hand resting over his heart: "Let's see if Jesus speaks to Doug."

..... After a minute Doug said, "I'm sorry".

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david said...

amazing story.