Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ellie's Divine Economy

I found this on Ellie's computer, and she modestly confessed that it is her own:

We get more than we deserve.
Everything of real value can’t be paid for.
We receive from those whom we cannot repay.
We can’t recreate the past.
We can’t control the future.
Co-operation out-succeeds competition.
Diversity contributes to the whole.
The whole provides for the parts.
Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted.
We participate in the great exchange.
An external source supplies energy to sustain.
There is no limit to the supply of love, mercy, grace, and compassion.
We are pipelines for God to supply the world.
The richness of the design comes from changing patterns.
We can’t hold back the flow of God’s movement.
We stand on the shoulders of giants.
We pass on what we receive, emptying ourselves in the process.
There is no receiving without giving; there is no giving without receiving.
Transformation is the mode of operation.
We must die to be born again.
God has declared creation to be good.
God intends change. We are to change ourselves, to change others, to be changed by others.
Nothing static is alive; to live is to change.
We are always on the verge of a new awakening.
The key is in the lock, the door awaits opening. Can we turn the key, open the door, and walk through?
26. We are members of one another.
27. We are given enough light to take the next step.
28. The attitude of gratitude opens the windows of our hearts.
29. There is a time to reflect, and a time to participate.
30. We cannot give love if we cannot accept forgiveness.
31. We cannot receive love if we cannot forgive others.
The image of God can be found wherever we look.
Spirit is the real; matter is the illusion.
Our task is to see the real through the illusion.
We see a sliver of reality which can contribute to an image with other slivers.
Without the awareness of a community my perceptions are incomplete.
Darkness is a void without independent existence.
Darkness disappears when light appears.
If we open ourselves to the spirit, we will receive.
The end is the beginning.


anonymous julie said...

Nice... tell Ellie I said so.

It's good to know what you're up to, Larry, I'd been missing you. :)

Larry said...

Thank you, Julie. Here's a report on "what I'm up to":

Practically all of my computer time right now goes to Larry's Blake. Blogging is "under a cloud" for now.

I do try to support David's Friendly Scripture Study and Jon's yahoo group.

And then I do occasionally have a brain storm about 4 A.M. that just has to go to

If I got more comments, I would be led to giving it more time. I know that to build a group of readers you have to spend time with their blogs.

But Blake seems to pretty much consume my energy for the time being.

Jon said...

Wow. Beautiful and insightful. I'm privileged to live in a time when I'm privy to the ocean of wisdom welling up in so many people, in their unique ways, soul-sights shared across continents with the click of a mouse.

Tell Ellie thanks! And thank you, too!

Lorcan said...

Not a small bit of wisdon here!

Larry said...

Thanks, Jon and Lorcan; your encouragement keeps me going.

anonymous julie said...

Hi, Larry, it's good to know you've got a good project going, even if it's not the blog - that's fine, after all. I enjoy reading your stories. :)

isaiah said...

Ah! Wonderful! I love little lists such as this. Divine indeed.

Anonymous said...

An inspiring Economy!

Anonymous said...

"God has declared creation to be good"



The weather out here has been so lovely. Our family sat outside and watched the sun go down over the hills. We looked out onto the leafless poplar trees, where hundreds of tiny birds were telling us stories of the day. Big barn cats were running across the meadow. Our old cat climbed two trees herself! Our 2 year old daughter, with mud & pine needles in her hair, just loved picking up sticks and grass and dirt, and smelling the earth between her fingers. It is these moments I know that God, and His creation, is so very very good.