Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Joseph Campbell had something insightful to say about tribes: 

We all belong to a tribe:

The child's tribe is the family; Father is God; his love is reserved to father, mother, siblings.  Others induce fear and suspicion or hate.

The youth's tribe is his peer group, his buddies, his coach, his choir, whatever sends him maximally.

The adult's tribe is the same, his country, his church (and especially his pastor or priest); they all induce reverence and uncritical exceptance; and others all too often fear and hate, or contempt.

But the true adult has progressed beyond these tribes; his tribe has become the human race.  He is truly human.

Such was William Blake.


Jon said...

Holy cow! You're posting again! Good to see you back in cyberspace, my friend!

I like this about tribes. I wish everyone could make it to true adulthood. Imagine!

Larry said...

Jon, I've been in cyberspace all along. There's My Blake Primer. The blog connected with it (; It's call William Blake: Religion and Psychology.

That's where most of my posts go-- in collaboration with my wife, Ellie. We'd love for you to check it out and give us an opinion.