Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dear Monotony

C.S,Lewis, the celebrated spiritual guru in the United Kingdom during WWII, writer of Mere Christianity, the Narnia series, most of all The Great Divorce, once said that he loved montony. I understand the feeling: if you have a routine of useful work and you feel that you are thereby being of some help to someone, you really don't invite change. Re the common proposals for change: been there, done that. Youth will enjoy it more than I would.

We do have a ('routine') break in our regular routine: the trip to the coast, to park at the beach, walk out on the sand, smell the brine and see the beautiful ocean-- a never failing delight. If we went there too often it might lose its charm, but every month the ocean is different.

Adventure? a cup of tea in the afternoon is delightful.

Taken as a whole life, just as it is, is a great adventure!

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Jon said...

Cup of tea? Frimmin'! I've also become acquainted with the pleasure of smoking a hookah occasionally. There's nothing like it!