Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Bard's Song

Three months ago a couple of scholars started a Yahoo Group for Blake students. It has rocked along until a member published
The Farm at Felpham about Blake's Milton.

After three days I replied to his post as follows:

The immediate impression was that Blake was more incoherent than usual in this section. It is so full of varied ideas that it almost resembles a Dvorak test, yielding more about the reader than the writer.

After struggling with it a while I began to ask the purpose:
supposedly it convinced the immortal Milton that he had been in error during his earthly existence, and that he needed to return to make amends (like a faithful AA man).

Did he identify with Satan pronouncing his laws? Yes! "I in my Selfhood am that Satan", and then he began to act like Buddha.

In MHH remember that Blake said that Milton was of the devil's party without knowing it. Now, hearing the Bard's Song, he knew it. Hurrah! Redemption begins.

This is just one little sliver of what one may gather from The Bard's Song, according to the particular flavor of his eye and mind.


Paul said...

Larry, I must confess that I've read quotes by Blake and a little about Blake but I've never actually read Blake. You're tickling my curiosity. What would you suggest reading first?

Larry said...

Paul, I would suggest you start with My Blake Primer.

It has oodles of links and a more or less course of study, though I don't really expect many to go through it to the bitter end; it's voluminous.

Anyway, Paul, thanks for your interest. You have encouraged and supported me like few other bloggers, and I'm most appreciate