Friday, July 14, 2006

Beginning of Blake

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It was at a relatively uncreative moment in life that I got bit by the Blake disease. I spent 5 years studying it intensely and consolidated my thoughts and feelings about the poet in a book, now published at Larry's Blake.

For me his poetry had become one of the
primary "fountains of life". As a life long
student of the Bible I found an interpretive
principle in Blake, just today beginning to
be understood and used. His theology has now
become my own in a large degree. One of the
great keys is here:

"Throughout Eternity, I forgive you, you forgive me.
As the dear Redeemer said, this the wine and this the bread."

He was talking to God, but the idea applies to
all human relationships. Forgiveness is an
eternal activity and process. Jesus also
expressed that poetically with his 7 times
70 rejoinder to Peter's query about how many

Forgiveness does not depend upon any
statement of the offending party such as
"I'm sorry". Those who have the faculty of
forgiveness never wait or feel dependent on
any "I'm sorry". God forgave us before we
commited the offending act.

All this forgiveness of others depends upon
our first forgiving ourselves and God. The
trinity found in the Great Commandment is
God, others, self. You can do it, but you
must first 'forgive God'. But what does
that mean? To me it means to accept the
universe as it is. Don't kick over the traces
like Paul did before the journey to Damascus.

All this, and a world of other good stuff, you
can find in Blake.


anonymous julie said...

Forgiveness is letting go of our disappointments at unmet expectations, stolen attachments...

Larry said...

Well Julie, that's a good naturalistic and secular definition, but in the spiritual realm it is primarily concerned with particular personal relationships. You must forgive someone (or be forgiven by someone), and the activity has a significant effect on both people involved.

Thanks for you comment.

Borntolove said...

I just watched a movie on the theme of forgiveness. The British really know how to tell a love story. This main characters (lovers) quote Blake, "Throughout eternity, I forgive you and you forgive me..." I came to the Internet to find the poem and wondered if I should read more of Blake. I came across you website as I searched for the poem. I enjoyed what you have to say.

I am learning to let stuff go and in the process I am learning to forgive MYSELF and just BE ME--that powerful, enternal me.