Monday, June 12, 2006

Created Good/Creative Event

I repeat myself (cf 11/11/16a.htm near the end).

Only the creative event is to be worshiped.

The Bible is the created good.
All tribes are created good.
Religious organizations are created good.
Theologies, ideologies are created good.

These things are all manmade artefacts.

What is to worshipped?

The Creative Event!!

Not the Bible: George Fox: "we have heard what Jesus and the Apostles say, but what doth thou say? See also A Personal God

Not a tribe: Joseph Campbell: their chief attribute is the limit of positive affect to members and of negative affect to non-members.

Not a religious organization: Gandhi: "if I ever found a truly Christian church, I'd join it."

He who binds to himself a joy
Doth the winged life destroy
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity's sun rise."


xianchick said...

idolatry and graven images?

worshipping the creation instead of the creator?

taking false joy out of our separated forms?

glad to know that someone else can see the truth!

God bless you Larry, and your little dog too.

isaiah said...

Ah- great post "old man".

"...and all that he created was.....good".

Ever read Rollo May's "Courage to Create"?

Intention's only creation is creation.

xianchick said...


when reading genesis 1:27 God does not look upon man and woman and call them good!

He blesses them, but it is one of the oddities of genesis that He calls everything "good" except man and woman.

isaiah said...

From the "good" dust of the Earth- God created man... keep in mind, whatever I think has nothing to do with this play of consciousness ("out beyond all wrong doing and right doing there is a field...I'll meet you there some day.")

Moving past the “Imperial” God created simply to rule over humankind to the “God” seen everywhere has meant abandoning all notions, even the notion that what I ‘think’ is worth the candle.

To live as a creation, to create through living…here is a worship most pleasing.

Tell me what is good and what is bad? Only thinking makes it so.

crystal said...

Hi Larry - nice Blake poem :-)

anonymous julie said...

"Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made."

We put up signs everywhere that say "God was here" and study the scene like forensic scientists, but somehow neglect to notice and pursue the more immediate truth - God is here.

xianchick said...

if we refuse to think about it, does it make it okay?

i would like to challenge the idea that good and evil hinge on whether or not one 'thinks' about the acts.


sometimes during ww2, the nazis used babies as target practice.

am guessing that babies can not think.


sometimes people abuse the elderly. the seriously senile ones.

perhaps the alzheimer brain-holes make it a non-issue for the victims.


it's moral relativism i tell you, and it is slightly more pragmatic than our "civilized" culture would like its citizens to believe.


Larry said...

Thank you, dear friends. Your comments are deeply appreciated. Being read is the greatest thing that can happen to a writer.

Some of this discussion inspired me to a further post re good and evil. Coming soon.

Blessings to all.

isaiah said...

"THERE IS SUCH A THING AS RIGHT AND WRONG -- believe it or not."

Well of course there is-

Both right & wrong, good & bad are relative to the way we observe 'things'. But they eventually fall under the big gamut of web called Cause & Effect.

Besides, I didn't coin the phrase- take it up with Proverbs 23:7, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." or Will Shakespeare or Abraham Lincoln!