Sunday, May 28, 2006


Progress report:

After a few weeks living with this there is a noticeable difference in my ordinary disposition, demeanour, and general everyday attitude and conduct.

It works! you can change yourself with this procedure. See I Thess 5:17. That I have never achieved, and I'd be amazed if I ever did. But people do. Some of the most creative people of our age have done it and still do it (don't ask for examples).

Living with a mantra like this has a complex result:

1. It seems to deaden the mind. Admittedly I use it every night at bedtime, and it has wonderfully improved my sleep habits. Wake up? Resume, and blotto.

2. It sensitizes your mind; you see more, feel more, do more. It goes by the title of 'the new man'. (The unknown author (below) refers to it as being 'oned with God'.)

Result 2 is like a knife edge between self centered thoughts and sleepiness. But it happens, consistently.

Re self-centered: if this is not a problem to you, you're wasting your time reading this. I venture to suppose that it's a problem to a great many of us. (It often descends entirely into pure blood selfishness; not a problem? God bless you; you're very rare.)

If you're interested in this subject you might try The Cloud of Unknowing.


anonymous julie said...

I'm glad for you, Larry.

Larry said...

And I feel very much the same re you, Julie

anonymous julie said...

:), dear heart.

What do you mean by "self centered thoughts"? By "sleepiness"?

Larry said...

self centered thoughts or this.

Re sleepiness, you might try lethargy, lassitude, torpor, torpidity, stupor, languor.

Ah teaching is wonderful.

Today after the Gainesville Friends Meeting Ellie and I led a group of 15 bright and beautiful Quakers in a study of 2nd Corinthians. What a joy. I've always been a frustrated teacher, and love nothing better than answering people's questions --- of all sorts.

God bless.

Lorcan said...

Oh dear Larry... thee has jinxed me!!! The mention of being a fustrated teacher and bed time... I have several school nightmares...
1. I am back in Kindergardin, and still not doing very well...
2. It is exam week, I go into a exam room and realize I forgot to take the course
C. I am before a law school class and realize I not only have not prepaired the sylibus ... I don't know what course I am teaching, so I begin to question the class about general concepts of law, to discover what course I am teaching...

Well those are the big three, there are varients of them... but... all this talk of sleep and teaching... oh my oh my oh my...

might try a mantra...

or maybe a sleepless night of blogging!

Thine dearly in the light fFriend
Pleasent dreams

xianchick said...

the Holy Spirit is a real personage of God.

not an essence or any other hokey ideationL IT IS GOD.

the Holy Spirit is always there for you buckaroo, and constant prayer is a great way to remember that.

you rule.


b.t.w. any news on romany rights?

Lorcan said...

Well, Romany rights is one of the courses I wonder if I am teaching in my dreams, Xianchic!

Prayer is in deed a good thing... as to personage of God... I have been reading a wonderful little book by Leszek Kolakowshi, Religion, much shorter than his two volumes on Marxism... I have been mulling over a post about some reflexions on some of the things he touches on, about icons and images of God...

Mantras for me, don't get me where I am going, though I can see it as a way... as a young Friend being taught to center, we would work on learning to empty the mind of notions, as if breathing them out with every breath. I can see a mantra doing that... though I ( personally) don't see that as the way to that still small voice in me, repitition, something early Quakers stood apart from. But, I do think that we don't have to look back in our past to rule what we do presently. I know that many Friends encorporate other beliefs into their Quaker practice, even having spiritual masters, which I find really foriegn to out traditions.
But, the proof IS in the pudding, and Larry is well happy, and a good bloke, so all is well.

As a matter of fact, I did NOT have school anxiety dreams the other night, for which I am much relieved!!!

Sending all a big hug


Larry said...

"School anxiety dreams", Lorcan? Law school? Did I tell you about my youngest son: went to W&M Law, passed the bar, had a one week career in law, although it no doubt facilitated his appointment to work in the White House for Mr. Gore (briefly).

I tried my best to keep him out of law, but to no avail. Anyway it was a good experience (very few grads actually become lawyers).

Best way I know to avoid anxiety dreams is to fill your mind with something else, just before sleepy time, like God. (Of course for some people I suppose God is the subject of axiety; Praise God, not me!!!)

Blessings to you, old friend, and to the rest of you as well.