Sunday, February 19, 2006

On Prayer

A lot of people have gone beyond a childish faith, and what they come up with at 30 or so so includes an absence of prayer. To pray one must believe in a personal relationship; praying, to a force or whatever, seems problematic at best.

God created personhood, as well as everything else, but to be in a personal relationship with the Creator of personhood was made possible by the gospel (of course it had been practised for centuries before Jesus proclaimed it). This is the leap of faith: to believe that God is available to us and responsive to our needs.

Without this faith life, for most of us, would have a certain grimness. Jesus presented us with a father (loving) God and the need to love all God's creatures. This is a Way that enables many to go through an abundant life (the gospel also has been distorted, corrupted and abused in a thousand ways, but none of them lead to the glory Jesus promised us).