Friday, November 18, 2005

Thomas and Theosis

In the history of the Church an inordinate amount of bloodshed was associated with the doctrine of the Trinity, especially the Deity of Jesus. The rejection from the canon of the Gospel of Thomas may have been an important factor in the promulgation of the doctrine.

Thomas is about Theosis. (For more on this subject look at this on Jon's website. (Jon has a link that renewed my faith in Methodism [not so much in practice as in theology]).) Jon also cited a Catholic paper re divinization.

Any comments on this subject will be appreciated.


david said...

As you may have guessed I'm on the Trinitarian side of the argument.

As for theosis. I think it is the plain teaching of the Christian scriptures. I don't think we need Thomas to affirm it -- Paul, John, Catholic epistles, all affirm it. I think theosis as the basic meaning of salvation is unasailable.

Larry said...

You're certainly right, David, but you might agree that Thomas puts a more special emphasis on theosis. You don't need any of the gospels if God's spirit is in your heart.

Larry said...