Sunday, October 30, 2005

kingdom - in and out

Ellie and I spend most of our time together, which means that I spend a lot of time sitting around while she shops.

It was a warm sunny morning; we went to a small shopping center near home. It was sunny. I found a rocking chair outside of a shop that seemed to attract a lot of women- young and old.

I sat down. I always go on these expeditions armed with reading material; this morning I not only had my book, I had a copy of the St. Petersburg Times. But I didn't feel like reading. Too much was going on: cars coming in, backing out. People getting in and out.

I felt good: oh boy, Florida winters; the sun is shining and it's shirt sleeve weather, or even sleeveless shirt weather. Luke said the kingdom of God is within; it felt within me.

I sensed that people were friendly. Many customers going in spoke or smiled. A lady came up and had something in her hand; I held out my hand; in dropped a ring-- with a spider for the stone-- plastic of course. I thanked her.

Some interpret Luke to have said the kingdom of God is among you. Yes, it was.


Jon said...

Great story. Thanks

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