Monday, September 12, 2005

Did you notice it?

The celebration of 9/11 is something the NY Fire Dept. look forward to eagerly-- a time to remember their fallen comrades and perhaps shed a tear or two. But this year many of them were absent.

In 2001 members of the N.O. Fire Department had brought a new fire truck for New York in her hour of need-- and brought themselves as well. This year was different: the fire truck came back to N.O. together with a raft of New York firemen.

Last night on the tube we saw many of them at the celebration in N.O. talking about how much the N.O. firemen meant to them: brothers, they called them. We also saw firemen from South Florida, Topeka? and lots of other places. OMG friends, we're looking at the Kingdom of God.

What a miracle that out of all the gore of Katrina comes this witness to the love of God.

We also saw the home of a N.O. fireman, miraculously spared from the wholesale destruction. He and his wife had taken in 20 of his comrades, whose homes had been destroyed. They were all living there together in perfect harmony; they had all things in common.

God is here, friends, very much with us, doing his redemptive work under whatever conditions present themselves. Thank you, thank you thank you.


Twyla said...

How good to read such an uplifting report. I very much agree with you, this is a beautiful example of true kingdom living. It gives me such hope. Thank you.

Liz Opp said...

Beautiful post, Larry. Thank you for lifting this up and for being my ears and eyes in another part of the country...

Liz, The Good Raised Up

Larry said...