Monday, August 08, 2005


Our meeting for worship this morning was great: four messages all of them timely and well related to one another.

But the 2nd hour dinner conversation (meeting for eating) has special material I want to share.

Our friend spoke of a lady he knew who prepares the most delicious, enticing dishes one can imagine. Everyone asks for the recipe, but somehow the concoctions of others never quite measure up to hers.

She was asked what extra ingredient she used to make it so good. "Well I put in love, she said." Fantastic, man! It developed that every cook's relative level of love does in fact have a real bearing on the resulting cookery, which is a parable of the Last Supper when Jesus gave to us his All.


I have never been a vegetarian, although as the years go by I find less and less taste for meat and more and more trouble digesting it. But this morning in casual conversation we received a very reasonable rationale for abstaining from meat:

Our speaker went on to say that farmers have learned to isolate the condemned animal so that the fear in it is not passed on to his peers. Other farmers have testified that when that isn't done, the other animals develop a level of fear that virtually poisons their meat.

Now consider the environment of the meat packing house. How much fear are we ingesting day by day with our slaughtered meat?


Liz Opp said...

I wasn't exactly easy "digesting" this post, Larry. But shortly after reading it, I remembered hearing a report while in Iowa about the Scattergood Friends School Farm, which apparently takes great care in growing, tending, and harvesting their crops and slaughtering their animals. The beef and the corn on the cob and the salads that were served up during my time in Iowa were outstanding.

I think I'll put my faith in the Farm for now...

Liz, The Good Raised Up

Larry said...

Liz, would you believe I knew Margaret Scattergood: a lovely old lady at Langley (No VA) meeting. She lived very near the meeting house, in fact on the property of the CIA.

With all innocence she had sold her acres there to someone long before it became clear to what use it was to be made. But the sale had a rider allowing her to spend the rest of her life in her house.

Kind of ironic; even more so perhaps is the fact that two employees of the agency became members of Langley Meeting while we were worshipping there.

Thanks, Liz, for your comments to my posts. It is encouraging to discover that someone is reading them and interested enough to comment.

Twyla said...

I was already concerned about the pesticides and hormones and such coming from meat - now I must think of fear as well. Darn it! Oh well, I only eat beef about once every month or so. We do eat a lot of chicken, though. When I think about how those poor birds are kept cooped up (no pun intended) for their whole lives...I wonder if unhappiness and discontent are being ingested along with the meat and eggs. Oh, if only organic and free range meats weren't so expensive!

Larry said...

Twyla, I think meats of any sort carry a certain risk. Without the courage of my convictions I continue to indulge. Actually it's partly my wife's fault: she feels that I need the trace nutrients in meat that I wouldn't get anywhere else.

Our earliest ancestors lived on the fruits of the trees in their garden. After the fall God gave them permission to eat meat, but he also warned them that they would die. And we do of course.

End of sermon.

P.S. Don't you know that all this indicates that my wife is a true daughter of Eve.

Larry said...