Friday, August 05, 2005


Most of my readers are probably already familiar with what I'm about to say: intensive blogging activity and extended family visits don't mix very well.

We spent three days earlier this week visiting our son in Palm Beach; he was attending a conference for professors put on by Pulke Builders. Such a glorified placed; it helps to be a millionaire.

Tomorrow we expect to pick up our (only) granddaughter at the airport for a week's visit with us. Her first. I expect every minute of my attention next week will be focused on her, the pride of my life.

And so it goes. There should be some kind of shorthand to apprize blogging friends of such circumstances.

Blogging friends are instead of family for many of us who may live long distances from our loved ones; that's very true in my case, and those I blog with are dear to me. And I'm sure they all understand my priority.

Blessings to you all, and I look forward to reading your blogs eventually.


david said...

kick back and enjoy your family.

Jon said...

It's also good to break from blogging!

Have a great time.

Jon said...
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Larry said...