Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Lovely Hindu

On a typical Thusday morning, his favorite time of the week, he was walking the aisles of the cardiac unit with a handful of cards giving the names (and faith preference) of patients.

He came to one marked Hindu and walked in to an empty bed. In a chair beside the bed he saw a distinguished looking gentleman. They entered into conversation, which revealed that the man's son, occupant of the empty bed, was gone for tests.

After a few commonplace words the chaplain enquired if the man might be interested in the prayers of a Christian for his son. "Certainly" was the reply, and the two joined hands.

The usual intercessory prayer came from the lips of the chaplain. He felt that the Hindu(?) had truly participated in the prayer, more so than many nominal Christians for whom he had prayed. He felt the man was with him 100%. Further he felt the man was praying as much for him as for anything else that had happened.

His offer to hug the man was graciously accepted, and the chaplain departed with a strong feeling that it was time for him to try and become acquainted with the Upanishads.

He remembered an exchange in seminary when a young theologue enquired of the professor if he thought Gandhi may have gone to Heaven.
The teacher, working in a very conservative seminary, replied "I don't know; I'll ask him when I get there."

Praise God.

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