Sunday, December 05, 2004

Christian Personal Faith

There is that of God in everyone. Everything that happens to me is a question from God.
Everyone's relationship to God is unique.

For many years I recited the Apostles Creed, without ever thinking very much about what it meant. But with spiritual growth the idea that everyone should have the same details of faith became ludicrous-- a group of people reciting a creed, declaring their allegiance to Emperor Constantine's notion of an enforced uniformity.

Everyone should have the same faith? My God doesn't tell me that. God says to me "get to know your friend; find out what I've told him; then you two will become close, each respecting and affirming the other's faith as his own.

"When all my children have done that with everyone they know, you will recognize the kingdom that has come. You will be very diverse, and you will be one, as Jesus prayed that you might."


Meredith said...

Dear Larry,
This was a beautiful posting. I thank you for your wonderful comments to me about "Knowing"; they felt very true to me. Yes, we both know "That of God" in ourselves, and that it is there in everyone. This is the most amazing blessing - one that continues to unfold for me in astounding ways. Sometimes, this realization is like witnessing a delicate flower unfolding, or finding a pearl within a mollusk that I was not unexpecting. I relish these opportunities to witness "that of God" in others - the diversity of God's expression never fails to refresh my own spirt.

Thank you, dear Friend,

Larry said...

Thank you, Meredith. Your affirmation never fails to refresh me tremendously. In fact it's very obvious to me that's your calling, and a rare and beautiful one.

Your wrote: " that continues to unfold for me in astounding ways." For me it was like one great explosion of light that turned my life completely around. since then I've usually felt like I "know it all", but realize that I am moving forward along the Way, though too often at a snail's pace.

Will God have time? Well of course! How much time do I have here? I find that inconsequential, although that may be because I feel so healthy.

Keep on affirming everyone, as you do so beautifully.

Marjorie said...

what a wonderful statement of love and respect -- 'get to know your friend; find out what I've told him.' I love that, thank you.