Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Is this Heaven?

Last night I slept 8 hours, enjoying an unusual rest. Then I woke up sluggishly-- no blood in the brain. A cup of coffee helped. But I sat listlessly, my mind in neutral.

Suddenly an idea emerged: how I might help somebody I've been worrying about. My brain moved into high gear; ideas poured forth faster than I could record them. I felt 20 years younger; no, 40. At 78 I'm brilliant! (Luckily there was no objective opinion to check on that! Let's just say I felt brilliant.)

Is it me? or is it the Holy Spirit? (As the immortal baseball player in Field of Dreams said, "Is this Heaven?")

Actually it wasn't me at all. All I did was receive an idea of how I might help someone. That seemed to trigger an alteration of consciousness.

An hour later I was my usual dumb self. But I've had an

Help Somebody Today

Help somebody today;
Somebody along life's way.
Let sorrow be ended, the friendless befriended.
O Help somebody today.
(A treasure from the past).


Anonymous said...

I like the honest way in which you discuss your faith.



Larry said...

I'd love to get acquainted with you, Anonymous.

Meredith said...

Dear Larry,

It seems as though you were listening. How mysterious this can feel when we hear it, the voice of the Holy Spirit, and know it without a doubt. The moment is infused with a pure fresh quality, and we are enlivened. We feel a quiet brilliance. It is within us.

Is this heaven? Yes, this is heaven and earth - never separate.

Your Friend,