Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Magnificent Sunrise

My wife, Ellie, and I do this periodically:
We left Ocala at 5:10, got to Ormond Beach at 6:30. Hardly another vehicle on the road. At the beach we found traces of light but long before sunrise. This was a peak experience:

We had the darkened beach to ourselves. Then out of the darkness came 4 young men running in formation. Then another solitary couple. Lots of gulls waiting just like we were. The beach seemed like a mile wide, hard packed sand.

Over in the east we saw large massed cumulous, black against the sky. And would you believe-- the stuff was melting, which became visible as the light came. Gradually becoming thinner, wispy.

Then some color on some strattus in the west! Gradually it worked its way eastward. Finally a brightening on the eastern horizon.

It's really indescribable. What hath God wrought? The miracle of a new day, life. A flight of pelican just above the surface, heading north.

Oh, how great to be alive and 78, with a life long companion. Looking forward to another joyous experience of life. What a simple pleasure, really speechless before the glory of God.


Ken Bradstock said...

What beutiful writing Larry. Thanks

Michael said...

I'm reminded of my seminary professor, Ross Snyder, talking about the pre-dawn of existence. Then, he must have been your current age. He and his wife could be seen at that time of day walking Chicago's Midway near the Seminary and near the University of Chicago.