Friday, August 27, 2004

Akenson and Matthew

On pages 29-34
Akenson (Saint Saul) has a fascinating description of
The Book of Enoch with detailed accounts of "beyond-time" events--
both before and after ordinary human existence. The 'after' part
provides a much lengthier account of the Last Judgment than Matthew
gives us in his 25th Chapter. (Jesus' primary contribution was to
make Love the primary criteria of the judgment.)

When I added this datum to my notes on Matthew, I found that
Weatherhead's book, The Christian Agnostic, had already been used to
connect Matthew with Enoch.

Through the last years these ideas have served to crystallize my own
belief that it (together with the Great Commandments), rather than the
matters of the Nicean Creed, represent the central point of the
Christian gospel.

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